5 Iphone Camera Tips User Must Know

With Iphone  5 reaching consumer’s hand soon, I want to share some keys tips and tricks on Iphone Camera. The tips like how to take the  snapshot with physical button instead of on screen button and how to  protect your privacy when asking people to take photo for you using your iphone.

1) Take photo with physical button

The phone’s volume up (+) button doubles as a shutter button whenever the Camera app is opened. This hard button makes your life easier when taking a photo. No more weird bending of finger to reach the on screen button. This also prevents you from accidentally shake your hand and thus produces blur image. It is easier to ask a stranger to take a photo of you as well.

2) Take photo with screen lock

When you ask a stranger to take a photo of you using your phone, you want to prevent your privacy as well. Do you know you can actually your iphone lock but still able  to a photo.  Here is the trick. There is a lock-screen shortcut for opening the Camera. User just needs to double tab the “Home” button to bring up the Camera icon. Tab the “Camera” icon will open up the Camera App without unlocking your phone. It only opens the Camera app, locking you out of all other apps and other photos and videos on the phone. Once finished using the Camera, press “Home” button to close the Camera.


3) Organize your photos

If you take a lot of photos, you want iphone  to help you orgranizes your photos. The best way to organize it is either by date or by location. This tip will teach you how to organize your photos by locations. Firstly,  go to the Setting -> Location Service  to turn on the Camera location service.  Then go to the Camera Roll, select “Places” tab at the bottom right. You will be presented with a map with information of photos arranged according to location.


4) Tap to focus

You can tap anywhere on the screen to focus (a blue square comes up on the display). This not only focuses on that area but also adjusts the exposure and white balance automatically for the main area of your image. This also works for the video camera as well.

5) Delete Multiple Photos at Once

You have a lot of photos in your camera roll and you want to delete some of them. Instead of delete them one by one, there is a tip to delete them all at once.

Go to “Photos” ->“Camera Roll”, make sure the “Album” tab is selected. At the top right corner there is  a box with an arrow coming out of it . Press this, and it gives you the option to “Select Photos. Now, tapping on any thumbnail will select it and then you can simply hit the delete button for quick and easy bulk removals.



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